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  Helping People And Animals To Heal


Example Conditions Treated

I work personally and confidentially with clients with all sorts of issues.  I use a combination of customized techniques including Shiatsu, Chios Energy Healing, Crystals, Magnets, Vibrational Essences, tracking with Dowsing to help people and animals get the desired results. I come up with a specific healing plan for each client and ask that you follow the program which I outline. I also do a significant amount of work with animals of all kinds (they have feelings and pains too).

Here are a few examples:

Spiritual Emotional Physical
Helps reach goals Workplace/home life stress Diseases: Cancer, liver issues, others
Promotes high level wellness Depression Backache
Attains peak performance Anxiety Digestive disorders
Able to meet challenges Fatigue Infections
More connectedness Intimacy issues Poor elimination
Ability to see bigger picture   Asthma
To remember what it is that we are here to do   Heart conditions
To fulfill our life purpose and dreams   Neurological disorders
To answer why I am here   Endocrine disorders
What is my path in life?   Personal injury
What am I supposed to be doing?   PMS, menstrual discomfort
    Neck & shoulder issues
    Pain relief issues

And let's not forget our little furry friends (animals):

Behavioral Physical
Fear or trauma Diseases: Cancer, heart, liver, lungs, others
  Digestive disorders
  Ulcers: eyes, stomach, etc.
  Paralysis from falls
  Skin issues



I keep all of our interactions completely confidential. I will listen carefully and pay specific attention to your desires for healing and will then dedicate my focus toward helping you resolve your issues. I love helping people meet their personal goals and expectations.


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