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You may have questions about some of the terminology and practices outlined on this Web site.  I have provided a sampling of Questions and Answers to help.
Q: What is Energy Healing?
A: Energy healing involves an intimate communication between the practitioner and client that allows normalization of the clients energy field.  Basically energy healing helps Smooth out the distorted or bad energy causing disease and blocks keeping you from reaching your present goals or keeping your body from healing itself in the proper fashion.
Q: How does distant healing work?
A: Energy transcends time and space and can be sent or transmitted anywhere in the world to anyone at anytime.  I have been attuned or empowered to use the symbols for distance healing. The symbols facilitate an energy connection between us.  Energy healing restores order and balance to the energy body, calms the mind and stabilizes the emotions.  For a session I need the time zone, location,, and a photo. Best results will be achieved with all three.
Q: What is Shiatsu?
A: Shiatsu is a hands on therapy using finger pressure on acupoints somewhat like acupuncture but without the needles that addresses energy blockages in the meridian pathways and restores balance for the body to heal again.
Q: What is Chios?
A: Chios the newest, latest energy, more powerful than Reiki, that gets to the root issues of disease and helps the person to a greater and newer spiritual awareness of their life.
Q: What are Chakras?
A: Chakras are 7 energy centers from your head to your hip region in the center of your body that relate to your physical and emotional wellbeing which connect to the universal force and all the energy around you.
Q: Are you a real doctor?
A: No, my work is complementary to western medicine. It aides the healing process and gets to the root with more lasting preventative results. My work is used as a supplement or in conjunction with western medicine.
Q: What typically happens in a session?
A: Both shiatsu and energy healing the client stays dressed and lies on either a mat or table for 1 hour (in person sessions).  The client is in a relaxed non-talking state while I either lay my hands on or above your body on your energy centers, around your aura, or on body parts to be healed. I do this quietly without speaking unless something comes up that needs to be addressed.  For distant healing you may sit or lye down or it could be while you are sleeping or doing your daily routine - but preferable in a relaxed receptive state.  I basically clear your aura, unblock charkas/rebalance them, charge if needed and work on any diseased organs, areas or injuries.  Doing this will give you tremendous changes in your health condition. For Shiatsu the client will be put into different positions as gentle strecthes are used in combination with the acupoints.  The plus of it is you automatically get a boost every session in the spiritual enlightenment area which will help you meet your goals and move through life at a more graceful pace.
Q: How do you prepare for an in person session?
A: Wear light cotton clothing and socks - no jeans. Take off all jewelry, shoes, watches, etc.
Q: What should I expect?
A: The client should expect to relax.  Sometimes you will doze off peacefully only to feel refreshed at the end.  Possibly some may feel a bit worse for the first day or longer as the body de-toxes itself. During an energy healing some people feel sensations of heat, cold, tingling, see colors, hear or see visions, or feel like their floating. Some feel nothing. Some may experience crying or a release of emotions which is normal and part of the healing process which I will encourage you to get through. After the treatments new symptoms may arise. This is to be expected as the body is in the process of healing so try not to be alarmed. The sensations will stop and your body will come back into harmony.
Q: How long does it take to see results?
A: Some have results the first session. Typically it takes 4 or more successive sessions to see any benefit.  For some, the healing kicks in after 4 days or 1-2 weeks later.  It depends on the condition. Others may have no noticeable benefit. The healing can work on your spiritual path or just make you feel better overall.  For some their condition is too chronic or advanced at the time of the request to help.  At this point the healing will help with pain and making a smoother transition at the least.  The healing never harms and can
only help.
Q: Are there any risks?
A: With Energy healing to date no one has reported of any negative consequences.  Some people experience bearable pain for a short duration and others may experience crying as a result of emotional release.  With Shiatsu there are contraindications such as pregnancy (first trimester), fever, infectious diseases, open wounds, eating before a session or strenuous exercise before a session.  Also with very obese individuals the benefits might not be achieved since the acupoints are hard to reach.
Q: Why are these methods more advantageous or more beneficial than just traditional medicine alone?
A: These methods are more advantageous with the use of my intuitive mind and the universal forces.  Sometimes, I am able to detect disease conditions long before western medicine can.  Sometimes its too late when doctors finally find the problem.  I can get to the root of the disease before it enters the physical body in the aura, and energy centers and clear the distortions present .  This will release the body’s own healing mechanisms to kick in and take over to bring the body into balance again.  Energy medicine and shiatsu therapy are used as a preventative measure keeping health care costs and doctors visits to a minimum - especially if you keep on a body maintenance plan.

I keep all of our interactions completely confidential. I will listen carefully and pay specific attention to your desires for healing and will then dedicate my focus toward helping you resolve your issues. I love helping people meet their personal goals and expectations.


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