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Services & Fees

I provide distant and local energy healing. Distant healing is accomplished by me channeling the universal life energy “vital life force” from afar. Intuitively, my mind connects with your body’s energies.  I provide the distant healing services at various times during the day – there isn’t a fixed schedule.  I do need you time zone if you are in a different country. I  only speak English so translations will be by e-mail.

The links below will take you to my secure payment interface. A Gifted Healer SECURE Payment Interface I accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. All processing is done securely through the PayPal Credit Card System. You Do Not have to have a PayPal account to use this system. If you would prefer to pay via PayPal, please send the appropriate amount below to marci@agiftedhealer.com.

Once your payment is received, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a convenient time to chat.

Although I cannot guarantee the outcome of the healing, rest assured I can guarantee my best possible efforts; hence, there will be no refunds issued.  It is understood that I am a tool to aide in your own healing to help heal yourself.

Please read and sign the Disclaimer.  I cannot begin any services until I receive your payment and signed Disclaimer.


Service Duration Fee(USD) 
Massage: Office Visit 1 hour session $  70.00
Massage: Office Visit 1.5 hour session $  95.00
Massage: Office Visit 2 hour session $120.00
Massage: Office Visit 1/2 hour session $  35.00
Massage: Outcall 1 hour session $  85.00
Massage: Outcall 1.5 hour session $125.00
Massage: Outcall 2 hour session $165.00
Chair Massage: Outcall 1/2 hour session $  35.00
Shiatsu & Initial Consultation 1 1/2 hour session $  75.00

Shiatsu Follow-up 1 hour session $  68.00
Energy Healing & Initial Consultation 1 1/2 hour session $  89.00
Energy Healing Follow-up 1 hour session $  69.00
Energy healing Under 13 and Infants 1/2 hour consult + 1/2 hour session $  69.00
Energy Healing Under 13 and Infants Follow-up 15 minutes - 1/2 hour session $  49.00
Energy Healing Special Circumstances* 40 minute session $  49.00
Energy Healing All Animals 1 hour session (includes consult) $  49.00
Energy Healing All Animals Follow-up session $  29.00
Shiatsu & Energy Healing Shiatsu 1 hour session + Healing 1 hour session $157.00
Shiatsu & Energy Healing Shiatsu 1 hour session + Healing 1/2 hour session $113.00
Shiatsu & Energy Healing 1/2 hour session + Healing 1/2 hour session $  80.00
Tracking 1/2 hour -1 hour session $  50.00
Attunment: Level 1 $  75.00
Attunment: Level 2 $  75.00
Attunment: Level 3 $  75.00
Attunment: Level 1-3 $180.00

* For those with no consult when the receiver is too ill, weak, hostile, unwilling, or indisposed by surgery.




I keep all of our interactions completely confidential. I will listen carefully and pay specific attention to your desires for healing and will then dedicate my focus toward helping you resolve your issues. I love helping people meet their personal goals and expectations.


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