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I am pleased to share with you some of the responses that I receive from my healing services.  Please note:  there are no guarantees that energy healing work for everyone but here are a some success stories.


"I just want to thank you for being my personal Chios Master and helping me heal during the ordeal of Chemo Therapy. You were always there to make practical suggestions about what to do to make the healing process go smoother and also to use your techniques of healing to recharge my chakras,  repair my aura and  heal my poor organs so badly damaged by the chemo. You really knew how to walk a person through one of the worst ordeals any human being could face. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks again."
 George, Massachusetts

Mood Disorder

"Thank you for your healing. I am feeling much better. And I am not feeling moody. That is a big difference. I have been getting mood swings since forever really. I am certainly calmer too. Love and light." Arosha, Botswana, Africa

Hand & Joint Pain

"Actually, I was doing a workout this weekend, and noticed my hands weren't hurting me as much as they usually do. It's mostly in the joints of my hands and feet... as with most RA patients. Thank you so much for doing that, I really appreciate it! Thanks again."

"Yes, they are doing quite well. Thank you for all your support and help, I very much appreciate it. I will keep you updated... Thanks so much!!!"  Christine, Massachusetts

Heart Condition

"The vet was shocked.  Her heart condition has gone from 'severe' to 'moderate'.  The specialist did not expect to see that!  Not out of the woods but something is helping!  Thanks so much and please keep sending Holly healing!!! Holly’s heart is doing very well.  It has regressed to a 'mild' heart condition requiring no medications!   We discovered her liver was a little out of whack but are hoping it was from the same bacterial infection and will get better.  She had two liver biopsies last Wednesday.  Should have the results in another week or so.  Thanks for caring Holly’s heart has now settled to 'mild'.  This is the best xmas present I could have.  Thanks."  Donna, Michigan

Eye Ulcer & Skin Issues

"Thank you so much for the healing. In three days Archie's eye ulcer has more than halved, and he no longer needs an operation! Archie currently eats a mixture of Nutro, which is apparently one of the top three dog foods out there, and which leaves him beautifully sleek and generally healthy, and something called Nature Diet, which is organic meat and as close as I can easily come to a raw diet. He also eats lots of vegetables, which he seems to love. According to our vet his itchy skin is a touch of hay fever, and it has now mostly cleared up. There is much less broken skin, and he doesn't seem to be itching as much, which is wonderful. Thank you again." Freya and Archie, United Kingdom


"THANK YOU so very much. Morgan is doing much better today. It’s amazing – I was being warned by the doctors that he probably wouldn’t make it, and now he is almost completely back to normal. I’m very appreciative of your help. Thanks again. Blessings, and peace be with you." John, Indiana


Hi Marci - Tolly seems very, very well now and is back to his old self. All indications are that his cancer is coming under control. Thank you so much for your help - I have no doubt that distant healing played a huge part in his desire to recover. Gratefully." Doodie, Australia


I keep all of our interactions completely confidential. I will listen carefully and pay specific attention to your desires for healing and will then dedicate my focus toward helping you resolve your issues. I love helping people meet their personal goals and expectations.


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